Klikplan The Service


The Service

The Klikplan service is available from any computer running an internet browser.

Create your account free, Log-in and start creating your first floor plan.

The Drawing Tablet

STAGE 1  The tablet contains the ‘Draw Room' tool which enables you to create all 4 walls of a room in one stretching operation. Just add new rooms with the same tool using the red nodes as a starting point. Then stretch and shape and combine rooms if you need to.

STAGE 1a  If at any time you want to use the floor you are working on as a template for another floor just click ‘Duplicate this Floor'

STAGE 2   Drag Windows, Doors and Bay Windows from the Library and let them snap in to position on the walls. Drag Stair Sections, Worktops, Kitchen and Bathroom fittings in to place.

STAGE 3   Label your plan. The simple text tool  is flexible. For speedy dimension labelling click on the floor and use the ‘add floor dims' tool and simply select the room label. You can adjust dimension labels after they have been created.

STAGE 4  Check your plan for accuracy. Make any cosmetic adjustments and SAVE

- Go to ‘My Plans' and share your plan Free with another Klikplan user


- Export your plan as a set of graphic images(one per floor).

STAGE 5 (Optional)    Go to ‘My Exports' where you will be able to arrange the individual floor plan images on the page.

Click on the PDF icon and select your chosen layout. Your plan will then be available as a compiled PDF image with the option to convert to jpg.




*Intenet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. (Safari can be used but the backspace key operation is not supported).